Made an Extra $33,100 in Income this Year Thanks to the SGR

“I had the pleasure of being exposed to the Science of Getting Rich through a friend’s recommendation. I make my income through publishing newsletters. I earn a good living but had been a “rut” for almost 2 years with no major boost in income. I studied business books, worked hard on my business but nothing budged.

My exposure to SGR created a “mind-shift” – that’s the best word I can think of. Within ONE day I changed the way I looked at and approached my business. I’ve so far made $33,100 this year and my business is exploding. The investment I made in the SGR Program has paid me back multiple times over.

My advice – you can read all the books and take all the seminars you want to grow your business – but the BIGGEST thing you need to work on is YOUR MIND. This program could be the SINGLE MOST important piece holding you back from the life you desire.”

~ John Lake,  NY, New York

I Truly Recommend the Science to Getting Rich to Anyone

“The SGR program is simply amazing. Since I got it, there has been a whirlwind of change in my life. It is like all the wishes and dreams I’ve had on the back burner forever are systematically coming true. Everyday I wake up excited to see what will manifest in my life today.

In the last few weeks I have seen my relationships rise to a whole new level of joy and prosperity. I now have a clear vision of what I want and the how just finds it way to me in a truly unexpected way. I have created business deals that I haven’t been able to come close to creating in the last five years. I truly recommend this program to anyone.”

~ Romy Jacques, Ontario, Canada


“Gino DelCiancio is intelligent, funny, understanding and any other adjective you can find to describe a person absolutely DEDICATED to helping others in their quest for success and abundance in life. I attended his ” Science of Getting Rich” seminar. I am being transformed in many ways in my life. Gino’s upbeat and positive voice tone motivated me.  Don’t miss his classes, they will definitely move you forward in life, relationships, and business.

– Future Millionaire, – Ron Forte,  Quebec, Canada

” I have achieved so much knowledge going through the course of ” The Science of Getting Rich”. I have found that I think in a certain way and has indeed brought me to a better understanding of what stands in my way of achieving success and how to do way with that obstruction. I have found that I have more belief in myself and I now know the difference between desire and want.”

– Kathleen Dixon,  Marketing Expert,  Hartselle, AL U.S.A.

“I don’t care how successful you are, we all need a coach. I have lot’s of coaches around me, guiding me.”       -Anthony Robbins, Author and Motivational Speaker, San Diego, CA

”The Science of Getting Rich Program is the most powerful life-altering seminar I have experienced”         – Bruce Taylor – Belwood, Ontario


“This seminar was truly a break-through experience for me. It was the most powerful and lasting experience I’ve ever had.”    – M.L. Harris, Brandon, Mississippi

“Whenever we want to improve productivity within our company, we call Life Success Seminars. Each and every time the results have been outstanding. His teachings have played an integral role in helping us become the fastest growing financial service company in Canada.”  – Grant Sylvester, President and Founder – Money Concepts (Canada) Ltd.

“Your Life Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone”  – Neale Donald Walsch
Bestselling author of Conversations with God


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